Reporting Policy

Updated July 3rd, 2015

At dubble we want to make sure that everyone has a positive experience sharing images and dubbling with other users. Users should not receive abuse via comments; or dubble their image with an inappropriate photo. We have a reporting system in place designed to protect users from abuse.

This includes: reporting a user, blocking a user, reporting a photo and filtered tags.

  1. Reporting a User

If you receive an offensive comment posted by another user, or if you dubble with an inappropriate image , then you can go to that user’s profile and report them.

By clicking "Report user" and adding a reason the reported user immediately goes into our review queue and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

If a user is repeatedly reported we will review their activity and photos and consider disabling their account

  1. Blocking a User

You can block a user if you do not want to dubble with them or see any activity from them in your stream. You can also unblock the user at any time. If you block a user they will also not be able to see your stream.

  1. Reporting a Photo

If you receive a dubble that you do not like you can simply delete it. The image will still be on the profile of the other user unless they also delete it.

If you feel the dubble is offensive or inappropriate you should report this. The dubble will be taken offline from your respective profiles pending review.

If you report an inappropriate dubble image that is not one of your own the photo will remain online pending a review. If the same photo is reported by other users - and dubble has yet to check the complaint - then the photo will automatically be taken offline pending a review.

  1. Automatic filters

People can tag a photo or comment on a photo whatever they like. Inappropriate tags and comments will not be searchable by other users